How SafetyScan Works

SafetyScan detects psychomotor impairment by alcohol, drugs, and cognitive fatigue via a 30 second test of involuntary eye movement.
An infrared camera tracks this eye movement and the test result is then analyzed using our proprietary algorithm. We then compare this current test to a previously established “normal” baseline for that person. 

The result of this comparison is either PASS (meaning no impairment is found) or REFER (meaning impairment has been found). Next steps are dictated by each company’s HR policies. A REFER result supports further "reasonable grounds" testing.


Instant Results

SafetyScan is a real-time screening system that gives you knowledge of what your worker’s condition is NOW. By comparison traditional drug testing looks back in time which may result in misleading results.  No more waiting for results from invasive urine based testing and/or confirmations from off site labs.
 Use SafetyScan to quickly screen out the vast majority of negative tests.


Respects Privacy

With evolving cannabis laws, companies and organizations need an objective way to determine impairment and at the same time respect worker privacy. Traces of some drugs such as cannabis remain in the body for weeks and can result in failed drug tests even if the worker is not impaired.  Workers, their unions, and the courts are increasingly pushing back on invasive drug testing. 
With SafetyScan, companies can protect employees while at the same time respecting their personal lives.