30 second impairment screening for alcohol, drugs and fatigue


How is SafetyScan Different

Testing is “real-time” giving you knowledge of what the worker’s condition is NOW. Current drug testing looks back in time.

A "screener" for any impairment including "unintentional".

Sensitive to "synthetic or designer" drugs not normally tested for.

Within 30 seconds gives a simple PASS/REFER result. 

REFER result supports "reasonable grounds" testing.

Objectively detects cognitive fatigue.

Respects worker privacy.

Augments and supports your existing harm reduction strategies.

Potential reduction of insurance/WCB costs.

11% of Alberta workers reported using alcohol while at work

Alcohol Use and the Alberta Workplace 1992-2002

48.7% of Canadian adults said they had used cannabis during their lifetime and 17% said they have used other illicit drugs.

2004 Canadian Addiction Survey

According to a recent Bloomberg Politics poll (April 2015) "fifty-eight percent of U.S. adults say recreational marijuana will be legal nationwide in the next 20 years".

SafetyScan Technologies can help you manage the corporate risk from evolving marijuana laws.

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We invite you to join us in creating a safer workplace - one that keeps workers safe and respects their privacy while at the same time protects corporate assets and the environment in a cost effective manner.

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