How SafetyScan is Different

  1. SafetyScan testing is real time giving the tester knowledge of the worker’s condition NOW.  By comparison traditional drug testing looks back in time which may result in misleading results.  Traces of some drugs such as marijuana remain in the body for weeks and can be picked up even if the worker is not impaired.
  2. SafetyScan picks up fast acting drugs, such as cocaine, which can be missed by traditional drug testing methods if used recently.
  3. SafetyScan is non-invasive – no more need to obtain body fluids with all the cost, time, trouble, and intrusiveness of that process.
  4. SafetyScan is sensitive to worker impairment by fatigue (sleep deprivation), prescription drugs such as cold and allergy medications, and new hard to detect synthetic drugs.
  5. SafetyScan is picking up involuntary eye movement that cannot be faked or gamed.
  6. SafetyScan respected worker privacy by looking at how the worker is NOW without any judgement of what they might have done on their personal time.